Mobile Deposit

Deposit checks anywhere, anytime, from your mobile phone!


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Getting Started

  1. Log into your mobile banking app
  2. Select the “Deposit” icon from the menu
  3. Deposit a check
  4. Choose which account you’d like to deposit into
  5. Enter in the amount of the check
  6. Endorse with your signature and "FOR MOBILE DEPOSIT ONLY AT CBEDS"
  7. Take a picture of the front and back of your check
  8. Submit the deposit

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I make a Mobile Deposit?

A: Eligible item requirements are as follows:

  • Checks must be payable to you, third party checks are not accepted
  • Endorse the back of your check as follows:
    Sign your name
    Add the date of deposit
  • If the check is not properly endorsed, your deposit may be delayed or rejected.
  • Deposit limits apply

Q: Who is eligible to use Community Bank Mobile Deposit?

A: Mobile deposit is available to customers who:

  • Have enrolled in Community Bank’s Mobile Banking
  • Have an active deposit account in good standing for a minimum of 60 days
  • Have demonstrated financial responsibility with all accounts
  • Are at least 18 years of age 

Q: Should I endorse my check before taking a picture?

A: YES, please endorse with: Your Signature & "FOR MOBILE DEPOSIT ONLY AT CBEDS"

Q: How can I enroll in Mobile Deposit?

A: Call us at 417-876-6811

Q: When will the funds be made available on Mobile Deposit?

A: Generally, if the Mobile Deposit is done by 3:00pm it will be available the following business day. Deposits may take up to 2 business days, which are Monday - Friday, excluding federal holidays.

Q: Are there any helpful hints to make using Mobile Deposit more efficient?

A: Yes, please consider the following things when using Mobile Deposit.

  • Make sure that the check amount entered matches the amount written.
  • Verify it has been endorsed, with your signature & “For Mobile Deposit at Community Bank of EDS Only.’
  • Make sure the checks are flat before taking the photo, in a well-lit area.
  • When taking the picture keep the check where all four corners can be visible.
  • Keep the phone steady above the check when taking your photo.
  • Ensure the entire check image is visible and in focus before submitting the deposit.
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